what size sewing needle for fleece

Sewing fleece: the best tips

Fleece is comfortable to wear and relatively easy to sew. You can find out which tips will help you and what you should pay attention to in our home article.

Sew fleece – with these tips it works

  • Needles: You can only sew fleece well if you use the right needles. Good needles for fleece include those made for sewing mesh fabrics. That’s why you should use either a Jersey needle or a Microtex needle for your sewing work – both are very suitable.
  • Needle size: Not only the type of needle is important, the needle size is also crucial. How strong your needle needs to depend on how thick your fleece is. The thicker the fleece, the stronger your needle needs to be. For very thick fleece you should use a needle size of at least 90. Needle size of 70 is sufficient for thin fleece.
  • Yarn: Fleece is a stretchy fabric, so you want to use yarn that is as strong as possible. The regular cotton thread won’t last very long, so you’ll need to redo the stitches more often. Yarn made entirely of polyester is more suitable. The polyester yarn also has the advantage that it does not shrink in the wash.
  • Stitch: Even if you use the right needle with the right thread, you can’t sew fleece well if you choose the wrong stitch. As with yarn, it’s best to choose a strong stitch. Therefore, you should primarily set a zig-zag stitch on your sewing machine. Alternatively, you can use a triple straight stitch.
  • Preparations: If you have to cut the fleece, you should do it in a separate room where you don’t have problems with flying scraps. Fleece quickly forms a lot of fluff and this sticks to the surfaces. If you still want to cut the fabric in the sewing room, you should remove or cover any items that are difficult to clean afterward.

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