what size needle for sewing towels

I would start with a 90 or 100 universal needle and only adjust something with Markan yarn and the thread tension if the stitch pattern doesn’t fit. Or sew a few test stitches on a scrap beforehand (as many layers on top of each other as you have on the right piece afterwards).

Sew a towel yourself

So you have yards of old fabric lying around from frayed curtains and old t-shirts, but you have enough dusters already? Then of course you should recycle it, right? While that’s also a possibility, have you ever considered upcycling those leftover household items? Why shouldn’t you make something that you’ll replace after a few years of use anyway? A self-sewn towel or tea towel would definitely be worth the time you put into it. And once you’ve got the hang of sewing, it’s super easy to sew new ones when you need them. Then let’s start with the basics.

Sew a towel – choose the right fabric

The best fabric for a tea towel is of course absorbent! But it also has to be washable. At the same time, he also has to hold water, but not too much. You want to sew a tea towel and not a sponge.

A tightly woven cotton, linen, or cotton-linen blend is a good choice. You’ll appreciate the washability of these fabrics, which also often outperform man-made acrylic fibers when subjected to heavy use. When choosing colors, it is best to look for fabrics that are lighter in tone so that you can see stains better. This will tell you when your tea towel needs to be replaced and washed in the washing machine.

Sew a tea towel or towel – you need these materials

You can of course sew the towel by hand, but it is faster with a sewing machine. If you think about how often these household items need to be replaced, it’s a good idea and more efficient to sew several dishcloths at once. You can store the extra tea towels in the attic or in the closet until you need them.

You need:

  • A sewing machine or needle and thread
  • Fabric that is at least 46cm x 71cm
  • Scissors, especially if you want to sew miter corners 

Sew your own dishcloth

We will explain how to sew your tea towel yourself:

  1. The way to get there is quite easy. Take your piece of fabric and cut it to 46cm x 71cm.
  2. Next, the sides of this rectangle need to be sewn up once. But why? Dishcloths and towels with stitched edge are easier to grab, especially if your hands are wet or soapy.
  3. For a simple hem, fold in each of the short sides about 1/2 inch (1.25 cm). Now sew along the inward edge of this fold. Now repeat the same for the long sides.

Corners double the thickness with this simple hem. This is good for a tea towel because it makes it even easier to grab the fabric.

But if you’d rather sew mitred corners on your towel yourself, we’ll show you how. It’s not that difficult. Fold each corner inward by about 1/2 inch. Then cut off the bottom half of the formed triangle. Now fold the two adjacent sides so that they meet in the corner of the cloth. Sew the two loose pieces of fabric together. You then repeat this for all corners.

And when you’ve finished the first batch of towels, you throw them in the washing machine. This will shrink the thread a little and make the tea towels ready for use.

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