What is Marine Vinyl Made of? ( PVC  Makes it Unique!!)

What is Marine Vinyl Made of?

Marine vinyl is a type of fabric that is used in the upholstery of marine interior and exterior seats, also other environments that have high exposure to water and humidity. 

Marine vinyl is made from special PVC. It is a synthetic faux fur material made from polyvinyl chloride ( PVC ) and is highly durable, UV, and water-resistant.  Marine vinyl could also be special PVC-coated tarpaulin for boats.

What Is Marine Vinyl?

Marine vinyl fabrics provide sun protection… marine vinyl has durable and UV resistant wear to many vinyl fabrics. This made it an ideal choice for sitting, seating, awning, and balcony sunshade. Marine vinyl fabrics have durability, are rain and rainproof, easy to clean.

 It comes in a variety of looks, textures, and colors that can be used for a variety of applications while maintaining excellent durability. Marine vinyl is the splendor of any outdoor or anywhere application and will be exposed to direct sunlight or dampness. They are intended for use in particular for outdoor seating, awnings, and mattresses, but can also be used indoors.

Characteristics of Marine Vinyl Resins

  1. 100 percent waterproof
  2. mold resistant
  3. very nice texture
  4. Comes in a variety of colors
  5. Great for outdoor and  indoor applications 

6.  Sun Protection.

Discoloration of the outer fabric is a disgusting thing that feels like a waste of money.

The color is long because the material is UV stable. 

The sun does not dye or change colors, prolonging the investment in the fabric. 

Despite the hot weather in summer, vinyl fabric is a good thermal insulation material.   

7. Weather protection

Rain, snow, or sunny vinyl is suitable for all weather conditions.

During installation, a large amount of adhesive used to adhere to the floor forms a waterproof and moisture-resistant seal.

Vinyl prevents mold or mildew even when exposed frequently in damp environments.  

8. Easy to clean

Ethylene is easier to clean than other marine fabrics. since it doesn’t pull water like other fabrics, most stains can be cleaned with soap after each use and rinsed with a hose.   

9. Durability

The service life of vinyl fabric is unparalleled. if installed and maintained properly, it can be used for 10 to 20 years. although it is not as hardy as leather, it can withstand several years of scratches and scratches.  

A good marine vinyl should be able to support 50 pounds of load, which is about 23 kg. Breaking strength. Another similar test, ASTM D5587, determines the tear resistance of marine vinyl. This test determines the force required to break the material.

Application of Marine Vinyl Materials

The ship’s vinyl tank is the ideal choice for many applications. The most obvious example is the boating industry, where ships are almost always exposed to water, sun, and other adverse conditions. Applications in the oceans require the fabric to provide maximum levels of endurance and solar resistance while maintaining material integrity.

In addition to marine materials on board, marine vinyl fabrics are applied to many other marine uses, such as:

  1.  Tent
  2.  Bark
  3. Bimini cap (it sale here)
  4. windowing

Is Marine Vinyl Good?

When it comes to boat seating and cushions, marine-grade vinyl is the way to go. These fabrics are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is a synthetic plastic that has a number of desirable features in its application as a fabric. 

Compared to other vinyls, marine-grade vinyl lasts longer, is more resistant to color fading, and is more flexible. 

It’s also great for upholstery projects like patio umbrellas and awnings because of its resistance to the elements—the sun’s ultraviolet rays can fade many non-marine types of vinyl, even if they’re treated with UV protectants, whereas marine vinyl remains vibrant for years without any special care.

What Is the Most Durable Vinyl Fabric?

Wondering what the most durable vinyl fabric is, and why you’d want to keep your eyes open for it?

Vinyl is a powerful, versatile material that’s ideal for a variety of applications. But like any other material, vinyl comes in different grades and qualities, with varying strengths and weaknesses. One of those applications is outdoor use, whether it’s on a boat, beach chair, or even a car or truck. Think about it: you want something that you can use outside without having to worry about it being damaged by the elements. You probably also want to be able to use it for several years without worrying about it falling apart.

Naturally, waterproof vinyl is your best option for outdoor use since it’s 100% waterproof, UV protected, and weatherproof. But if you’re planning on using your vinyl fabric outdoors – like in tablecloths or chairs – then choosing marine-grade vinyl fabric is a smart choice because marine-grade vinyl will perform well in saltwater environments.

To find the most durable vinyl fabric for your needs, look for the following qualities:

100% waterproof

UV resistant—especially if you’re looking to use your vinyl product outdoors

Weatherproof—preferably marine-grade weatherproofing if you’ll.

Is Marine Grade Vinyl Comfortable?

MGV is extremely comfortable, Many luxury boats/ Hotels for pool and spa areas, water parks for seats in their seating areas, etc have this product and to be honest, the term “Vinyl” gives it an injustice. It is sleeker than any other material out there and feels unlike any other product on the market. It is flexible yet maintains its structure, durable yet luxurious.

This product can easily be installed with no tools into almost any area of your boat or home and with the right glue, can be glued directly to your boat/ home

How Well Does  Marine Vinyl  Fabric  Hold Up on Sun?

I have a boat, and I know how damaging the sun can be to polyester. My marine vinyl fabric has a lot of additives in its mixture that help it repel UV rays, but realistically—how long can this stuff last in the sun?

The marine vinyl fabric has specific additives that improve its deterrence from sun damage. However, any product left in direct sunlight over a long period of time will eventually break down, no matter how many additives it has. 

For example, the average life span of marine vinyl fabric is about ten years. This does not mean that after spending one year on your boat, it will only survive another nine in the sun; it means that if you were to leave your material up for ten years on your boat, you may have to replace it at the end of those ten years.

It all depends on the quality of care you give it—if you take good care of it and hose it down regularly or put a protective tarp over it when not in use, you might be able to push that 10-year mark back into the teens or even early twenties before having to get new material. The important thing is to make sure you really take care of your vinyl fabric and keep an eye on how much damage has been done.

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