What is Marine Grade Vinyl? (2nd One is Your Goal)

What is Marine Grade Vinyl?

Imagine being on a boat for five days, with your family and friends, exploring the Caribbean. It’s a fantastic vacation, but you’re constantly battling mold and mildew that forms on the upholstery of your boat. At home, you have high-end fabric furniture in all of your rooms, but now that you’re away from it, you can’t enjoy it as much because all you think about are the stains and odors that developed while you were gone. Marine vinyl upholstery is a solution to this problem.

The reason marine vinyl is stain resistant is due to its unique composition. Vinyl is highly resistant to moisture, which makes it ideal for use on boats. Because boats operate in high-moisture environments, they are highly susceptible to mold and mildew. Marine vinyl fabric provides superior moisture resistance and enhances hygiene since it stops fungus and bacteria from growing on your watercraft. This helps eliminate foul odors like mildew smell and even prevents mold spores from forming and spreading throughout the boat’s interior. This makes marine vinyl a good option for boat owners looking to add custom seating or upholstery to their vessels.

Marine-grade vinyl seats are also resistant to stains. Vinyl is UV resistant, anti-bacterial, anti-mildew, and hydrolysis resistant. Marine-grade vinyl PVC leather is durable PVC and can be used for marine, boat, and seat upholstery.

Marine vinyl can last through tens of thousands of abrasion cycles—it won’t wear after multiple cleanings. This makes maintenance and spills clean up easier and upholstery looks great for a long time. For this reason, marine upholstery can also be used for recreational vehicles and motor homes.

Marine Grade Vinyl

  • Vinyl is one of the most common materials used for outdoor seating today. There’s a reason for that: it’s practically indestructible, and it’s also a beautiful, stylish material. But did you know that it has a few other benefits as well? Many people aren’t aware that vinyl is UV resistant, anti-bacterial, anti-mildew, and hydrolysis resistant. If you have a picnic bench or other furniture made from this material, you can rest assured that it will last many years without losing its integrity or beauty.
  • Furniture upholstery can be easily cleaned.
  • Marine vinyl fabric – Vinyl fabrics for marine use.
  • Marine vinyl fabric is a fabric with wonderful durability in all seasons and climates. This particular fabric is used for boat interiors and marine cushions, but can also be used for upholstery and cabinetry as well. Due to its durability, it will last for many years and many uses. It is easy to clean and will not stain or tear easily. If you have children or pets, this material would be a good choice of fabric, as it is very strong. If you are looking for durability in a fabric that is easy to care for, marine vinyl fabric might be a great option for you!
  • Marine-grade vinyl PVC leather is durable PVC and can be used for marine, boat, and seat upholstery. Vinyl is a synthetic polymer (plastic) material made from ethylene gas and petroleum. While not impervious to damage, PVC is waterproof and more durable than other types of fabrics like cotton or Naugahyde.
  •  It matches the standard of the United States or Europe, has more than 300 grain emboss can be chosen, and color matching available.

Do You Know How to Choose Marine Grade Vinyl Upholstery Fabric?

  • Generally made of PVC vinyl and polyester, marine-grade vinyl upholstery fabric with the following characteristics:   
  • Anti-fungal, hydrolysis resistance, and antimicrobial effect ;
  • Resistente at mildew;
  • food resistant and heat resistant ;
  • stain-resistant and offers even higher UV protection than the standard outdoor fabric used for outdoor furniture and boating;
  • E Co-friendly, vinyl fabric is the preferred choice because animals are not harmed in its production.

What Are the Different Grades of Vinyl?

Types of vinyl fabrics

The plasticizer is a chemical polymer that is added to polyvinyl chloride to make a vinyl material.  This is Vinyl is a synthetic material that can be made into a variety of textiles. The most common use for vinyl is in flooring, but it is also used in upholstery, tablecloths, drapery, and other fabrics. Vinyl comes in three main types: expanded vinyl, non-expanded vinyl, and non-backed vinyl. It’s important to know what kind of vinyl you are buying to ensure that you get the right product for your needs.

As mentioned earlier, a vinyl material may contain or lack backing. If it does not have a backing, it falls into the category of non-backed vinyl.  The application of non-backed vinyl is mostly in automobile upholstery. As for expanded vinyl, it suffices for most upholstery projects. The addition of chemicals and backings goes a long way to determining the application of different types of vinyl upholstery.

1. Commercial grade vinyl.

Commercial grade vinyl is ideal for heavy use. It provides durability, making it a perfect choice for kitchen benches. Manufacturing companies add special coatings to the material to make them more effective.

This foam-like material is suitable for reupholstering projects that involve high traffic areas like kitchen benches. The material will provide an improved lifespan, and it will not easily tear or fray.

2. Marine-grade vinyl

If you are looking for a fabric that is cost-effective and suitable for outdoor applications, marine-grade vinyl is your best bet. This type of vinyl is mainly used in boat cushions and awnings. Its manufacturing process is almost similar to that of commercial-grade vinyl. Marine-grade vinyl is resistant to UV rays and color fading. It has numerous applications such as outdoor furniture, awnings, and patio umbrellas. You will notice marine-grade vinyl on most recreational vehicles.

3. Non-expanded vinyl grade.

Vinyl fabric with a backing made of cloth is known as non-expanded vinyl. This material, when thickened to a maximum of about 1/16 inch and a minimum of about 1/32 inch, is suitable for bar stools (not often used), tablecloths, tarps, and purses. Cheesecloth, flannel, or woven linen are often used as non-backed materials for non-expanded vinyl products such as clothing. The expanded grade is most often used in applications where strength and durability are paramount over appearance. In contrast, the non-expanded grade is more commonly used for applications requiring greater appearance than strength or durability: it is used as upholstery fabric for chairs that will be heavily used.

What Is the Most Durable Vinyl Fabric?

If you’re shopping for a vinyl fabric that will withstand the elements—whether you’re looking for a pool cover, sailing cover, or patio furniture cover—marine vinyl is your best option. Marine vinyl is 100% waterproof and weatherproof, which means it will keep out rain and snow. It’s also UV protected, which makes it ideal for outdoor applications since it won’t fade.

What should you look for in a marine vinyl fabric? To make sure you get the most durable marine vinyl, look for the OEKO-TEX standard 100 mark. OEKO-TEX is an independent organization that certifies textiles—including fabrics—for consumer safety and environmental friendliness, so when you see this mark on your marine vinyl fabric, you know that it’s free of harmful chemicals and other toxins that could compromise its quality. In addition to being waterproof and weatherproof, marine vinyl also has excellent resistance to mold and mildew, making it an especially good choice for boats, canoes, and sailboats with high exposure to moisture.


Vinyl is known to be resistant to most stains and does not fade easily. This makes it perfect for marine upholstery as it will not get damaged by water or sunlight. The high-density polyethylene (HDPE) in marine-grade vinyl makes it 2 times more impact-resistant than normal vinyl without the use of additives. The resistance to petroleum and acid makes it even more durable when compared to other types of vinyl. The marine-grade PVC leather is also resistant to UV rays and anti-bacterial making it an ideal material for marine upholstery.

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