what is a stretch needle for a sewing machine?

• The eye of the Stretch needle is shorter and narrower. • The scarf of the Stretch needle is deeper. • Both features help prevent skipped stitches. • Stretch and Jersey’s needles have a medium ballpoint.

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The Schmetz super-stretch needle is closer to the hook thanks to a special flat shank. In addition, the special design in the groove area creates a larger needle thread loop that is more easily caught by the hook. This prevents skipped stitches even with highly elastic stitches.

Special features:

reinforced shaft

wider and shorter eye

widened thread groove

chrome plating

Package contents:

5 needles of the selected size

Appropriate machinesNähmaschinen, Overlocker, BERNINA 8er Series, BERNINA 7er Series, BERNINA 5er Series, BERNINA 5er Series, BERNINA artist, BERNINA active, BERNINA 4er Series, BERNINA 3er Series, BERNINA 3er Series, BERNINA 2er Series, BERNINA Classic Series
Suitable materialsKnitwear
Appropriate ProjectsSewing in general, sewing on buttons and buttonholes, elastic / stretchable materials, zippers, hems and topstitching, decorative sewing, embroidery
Needle size NM75/11 – 90/14

What fabrics do you use a stretch needle for?

For stretchy fabrics, of course. However, where the jersey needle is usually sufficient for the cotton jersey, the stretch needle is often the better choice for blended fabrics.

What fabrics would that be? Use a stretch needle for:

1. Viskosejersey 2. Seidenjersey 3. Badelycra knit fabrics 4. velor fabrics

Stretch Nadel 130 705 Hs P1

A flattened shank means the stretch needle is closer to the hook, which avoids skipped stitches. As with the jersey needle , the point is a medium ballpoint. 

What else speaks for the jersey needle?

You’re probably wondering why you shouldn’t sew all stretchy fabrics with the stretch or super stretch needle straight away. There’s nothing wrong with that! However, you can only get the jersey needle in sizes 80 and 100, the other two types are only available in sizes 65, 75, and 90. 
The super stretch needle has a larger eye, which is an advantage with thicker yarns, but with very thin yarns leads to unsteady stitch formation can lead.

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