What happens if you accidentally swallow a needle? (PHOTO)

What happens if you accidentally swallow a needle?

Getting a needle into the body does not cause pleasant associations. Most often, the event provokes panic and conjures up scary pictures of surgical operations and gray hospital wards. How justified are such expectations? How do doctors remove foreign objects from the stomach, and what should you do if you accidentally swallow a needle?

Surgical procedures are performed on a daily basis for many medical conditions. They can be very complicated, but there is no reason for patients to fear them. For example, when your doctor removes a splinter from your finger, he or she uses sterile tools and procedures to minimize any risk of infection or damage to healthy tissue. The same is true for any other type of surgery: a procedure that has been performed successfully hundreds of times before will be successful again in your case.

A needle may be used during an intravenous infusion — when fluids enter through an IV line inserted into an arm or leg vein — but this is not considered surgery because it does not involve cutting into healthy tissue. If you accidentally swallow one while taking medicine in liquid form, it would be best to contact your doctor first before doing anything else — they’ll know how to treat this situation appropriately!

What happens if you accidentally swallow a needle?

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Accidental ingestion of foreign bodies is one of the most common causes of acute abdominal pain in adults. In most cases, doctors give an encouraging prognosis: in 80% of patients who accidentally swallow a needle, pin or small clove, the foreign object is removed from the stomach naturally along with fecal masses.

However, if the foreign body cannot be removed by washing it out with water and passing it through the digestive system, then surgery may be needed to retrieve it.

The surface of the gastrointestinal tract is lined with mucous membrane and epithelium, which to some extent protects it from accidental damage. In addition, digested food envelops the metal object, facilitating its exit.

However, it says that there is nothing to worry about. The needle can actually pierce the wall of the stomach or intestine. In the worst, but very rare scenario, it can get into the bloodstream and reach the heart through the blood vessels.

In a more likely scenario, it will simply get stuck in the smooth muscle, causing inflammation and dull aching pain. The worst thing will happen to patients in whom the needle ended up in the respiratory tract. In these cases, it will no longer be possible to avoid surgical intervention.

This happens because some patients have an increased resistance to pain and they are able to tolerate being poked without feeling anything. For these people, an injection may cause little or no pain at all. However, for others who do feel pain when injected, this can cause them to become uncooperative and refuse further treatment. This is why doctors are taught that you should always ask your patient if there is any discomfort during an injection procedure before proceeding with it. If there is no response from the patient then you should stop immediately and try again another time since this could be an indication that the needle has been placed incorrectly into their muscle or tissue.

There are also other reasons why patients may not feel any pain during an injection procedure:

• Some people have a very low threshold for pain and they can tolerate continuous needle pricks without feeling anything at all while others are more sensitive and they experience strong sensations of discomfort accompanied by strong desire to move away from sharp objects

What happens if you accidentally swallow a needle?

What to do if a person swallows a sewing needle: tips, a set of measures

If you have swallowed a needle, the first thing you should do is contact your doctor. If not possible, then you can use our advice.


  • Take a small piece of cotton wool, about 1 g, roll a ball out of it, grease with vaseline oil, swallow. It is believed that this kind of product will help close the sharp end of the needle, which in the future will not be able to damage the insides. Next, you need to eat about 250 g of oatmeal or semolina. It is necessary that the porridge be viscous, this is done so that the food envelops the walls of the stomach, and makes it less penetrating, soft.
  • Do not put pressure on the stomach or press down, massage, in a place where discomfort is observed. The fact is that the needle can move through the muscle tissue, because the muscles very often work and strain, which contributes to the advancement of a metal object inside the body.
  • Don’t worry if the needle goes into your esophagus or stomach. Usually doctors do not do any intracavitary operations. It is enough to use hysteroscopy, laparoscopy. These operations are considered the least traumatic, they do not leave behind scars and sutures.
  • Also, do not induce vomiting, take laxatives. Because in this case the body is dehydrated, which contributes to the rapid advancement of the needle through the internal organs.

A man swallowed a sewing needle: options for getting into the body

Many wonder how it is possible to swallow a needle at all. This sounds very strange and stupid. Actually it is not. There are absolutely random options for getting a needle into the body:

  • Mostly seamstresses, fashion designers, who often hold needles in their teeth during work, suffer from this. At the same time, you can sneeze, cough. Accordingly, with the air flow, the sewing needle enters the throat, possibly further into the esophagus. To avoid this unpleasant situation you should use a needle holder or a special stylus on which you can put the needle in order to keep it away from your mouth and throat.
  • The needle can get stuck in the throat if you accidentally sew something up and hold it in your mouth along with the thread. This is a common problem especially when a person is trying to sew something and has not practiced how to use the sewing machine properly.
  • Often, small children suffer from this, who have great curiosity and they drag everything into their mouths.
  • The needle may have been swallowed accidentally by your pet while playing with toys or eating food at your home. The best way to prevent this from happening is by keeping the area around your house clean and tidy. Pet owners should also keep their pets locked up when they are not being supervised. If you see any suspicious objects lying around your house, do not touch them and take them straight to a vet as soon as possible.

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