How To Sew Nylon Webbing On A Sewing Machine Easily (By Sewing Machine)

The first steps you take to learn to sew nylon webbing could be a pleasant experience. There’s so much you can make with it, like the strap for your bag or belt.

However, before you take that first step into the exciting realm of stitching, it is important to be aware of a few basics. We’ll provide an article on how you can stitch nylon webbing both with the sewing machine and also without one.

More importantly, we’ll look at three sewing machines that are excellent that can be used to sew nylon. After that Let’s have an examination.

Webbing is simply a kind of fabric used to create belts or straps. If the webbing is constructed correctly it can be your best friend to endure heavy usage for the years to the future.

It is also a very elastic material. It is used in a variety of areas, including automobiles, the military as well as furniture production.

Furthermore, it’s an extremely vibrant material and is the reason you will see it across a wide range of industries. If you take into account that it’s extremely robust, you could say it’s an all-purpose material.

Sewing webbing seems like a challenging job. In actual fact, it’s not. If you sew manually or use a machine sewing process, it’s quite easy.

In this article, you’ll be using the webbing machine to make simple boxes X stitches. It’s not that difficult and, when you’re finished you’ll be able to sew some additional.

Measure the Nylon Webbing: 

In the beginning, you must determine how large you’d like your straps. Put the ruler over the nylon webbing, and figure your dimensions.

Use the Soldering Iron : 

After you have measured your webbing, you should take the soldering iron, and then run it over the ruler. This will melt your straps and enable you to make precise cuts with your knife. Be careful while using it. It is possible to hurt your fingers while doing it.

Cut Your Nylon Webbing

After running the soldering iron over the ruler a few times, use your X-Acto knife with a sharp edge and cut cleanly following the lines you created with the soldering tool. Keep the knife in a firm position and do not let the ruler move while cutting the straps. 

If you don’t, you’ll end up with unsatisfactory outcomes. Then, strike the nylon webbing using the lighter. When you’re using the lighter continuously move it over the strap.

Sew the Nylon
After you’ve got an appealing and neat strap, you need to cut the ends to the dimensions you desire. The next step is to put the nylon webbing over the surface on which you’ll need to stitch. Then, insert it into the sewing machine and start sewing. You should make four stitches on each side. 

Then, three stitches on the two other sides. Then, you’ll want to stitch diagonally within the box you made. Then, you need to stitch the opposite corner to create the box with an X stitch. Then you must repeat the same thing on the opposite side.

What You’ll Need :

  • Soldering Iron— This tool will allow you to heat the webbing made of nylon.
  • A ruler— It is important to measure the webbing prior to sewing it.
  • A lighter— Herbs are the most effective method to stop fraying.
  • Sharp X-Acto knife — A well-cut knife will be the ideal method for cutting nylon webbing.   

Here, you’ll find our favorite three sewing machines:

  1. If there’s a brand that has been around for a long time, it’s Singer. Its SINGER 4452 model is by far the top sewing machine available for purchase today. With 32 stitches built-in This model comes with all you require for sewing. To top it all off the sewing machine is extremely quick. In just a few minutes you can stitch around 1100 stitches. Furthermore, it features simple buttonhole systems. When you feed the button the machine will complete the task.
  1. On the lower end of things, we’ve got an HD1000 from Janome. It has 14 stitches and an outstanding sewing arm.
  1. If you’re looking to spend more consider this model: Brother PQ1500SL. It has a huge surface for work that can sew up to 1,500 stitches in less than a minute.

How To Sew Nylon Webbing On A Sewing Machine For Beginners?

 Step 1. Preparation of materials

  1. Make a measuring tape to decide which size of nylon you want.
  2. Slide a ruler over the webbing and use a soldering iron to melt the nylon. fabric before cutting it into desired strips.
  3. Trim the soldered lines with a very sharp knife, making sure that your measurement ruler doesn’t slip.
  4. Use a lighter to light the newly cut nylon to stop it from fraying.

 Step 2. Sewing the nylon webbing

  1. Cut the edges of the nylon webbing to make sure it’s the proper size.
  2. Put the nylon webbing on top of the fabric you’re sewing.
  3. Begin sewing a box using an X-stitch on both sides of the webbing.
  4. Sew the stitches in place using the double knot.
  5. The box should be struck with a lighter to seal the box and reinforce the stitches.

 How Do You Sew Nylon Fabric?

  1. Make cuts in the fabric using sharp tools only.
  2. Make sure you have the machine set with the right thread and needle to match the nylon fabric you’ve got
  3. Be mindful of stitching and ensure they are straight, particularly when you work on seams.
  4. Test your stitching settings. However, do not apply very small stitches to nylon fabric because it could tear the fabric.
  5. Always stitch them with a stronger thread to stop them from unraveling.

What needle should I use for nylon webbing?

A heavy-duty universal needle works well for sewing various kinds of webbing. Follow your equipment manufacturer’s instructions for installing a new needle. A size 90 14 or 100 16 works best for heavy fabrics, while a 110 18 or 120 19 is best for extra heavy weight materials.

Can I sew nylon with a sewing machine?

The first, and most important, part of sewing nylon is to select a high-quality sewing machine. If you are sewing multiple layers of nylon fabric, you will need a semi-industrial or industrial sewing machine. More specifically, you will need a portable industrial sewing machine with a walking foot.

What kind of thread do you use to sew nylon?

Bring the Best Thread for Sewing Ripstop Nylon to learn how to sew.

As a rule, wind-resistant fabrics work best with strong synthetic threads like polyester and nylon. For that reason, a wind-resistant ripstop is best when made with a light 100 thread, preferably in a polyester or nylon blend. Use the same thread in the bobbin as in the 100 thread, and ask for the same color as the abrasion of the ripstop.


Can You Sew Nylon Webbing With A Regular Sewing Machine?

Nylon is a hard material, so you should not sew it on a sewing machine that is designed for standard fabrics. You will see skipped stitches, or the machine itself may jam if you try to sew it in such equipment. Instead, consider using a heavy-duty sewing machine or a commercial sewing machine that is ordinarily used to make durable fabrics, such as nylon.

This way, you’ll be able to obtain excellent seams on your workpiece by having this machine help you get the sewing done rapidly. Learn more reasons why the machine may stop affixing your fabric below.


It’s simple to learn the process of sewing nylon webbing using your sewing machine as it is merely a matter of using the correct accessories and settings to work with this kind of material.

But, you must be able to stitch an X within the shape of a rectangle. Don’t worry, because you can always try working on scraps of nylon until you get the knack for it. Also, make use of a skilled sewing machine to stitch nylon webbing.

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