How To Put Bobbin In Singer Sewing Machine?

There are several ways to put in a bobbin for a Singer sewing machine. Start by detaching the cover of the sewing machine to retrieve the bobbin holder. Then put the bobbin into the bobbin holder with the rounded end of the bobbin facing down. Once you place it in your bobbin, remove the cover of the sewing machine and assess the needle according to what type of fabric you intend to sew. You can now begin your job!

What Is A can?

A small cylinder of metal or plastic (bobbin) that holds a spool of thread and is used in a sewing machine to feed the thread through the needle is a sewing machine bobbin. This is done to ensure compatibility with different models of the machine.

How To Choose A Bobbin?

When selecting a suitable bobbin for your sewing machine, it is essential to consider several points. Perhaps the most essential is which compositions you will need. Plastic containers are generally less expensive than metal pails but are hardly as durable. Plastic cans can break and leave pieces of plastic in your fabric if you’re doing a lot of sewing. Invest in good quality metal bobbins if you do a lot of sewing, as they are more durable.

Another crucial issue is the size of the can. The standard size is 60/40 inches, which means that most sewing machines will fit. But if you’re an expert sewing machine user or are planning to do a lot of heavy sewing, you will need a larger and more durable bobbin.

How Do You Insert A Bobbin into A Singer Sewing Machine?

To insert a bobbin into a Singer sewing machine, follow these steps: 

1> Remove the cover from the sewing machine

2> Put the bobbin in the place on the right side of the machine. 

3> Insert the thread guide into the hole at the top of the bobbin.

4> Firmly hold the bobbin and keep it turning clockwise to place the thread guide into the hole. 

5> Shut the sewing machine cover and make sure all buttons are off.

Positive And Negative Aspects Of Cans


Bobbins are a more intuitive, portable, and space-saving option than needles. They’re also designed for easier shipping and storage. Buy pre-pressed cans to save time and avoid wasted supplies.


Compared to bobbins, cans are more difficult to change. Also, you can only see the amount of thread left in a bobbin with a can. If you are also using a sewing machine that does not accept standard bobbins, you may need to purchase special adapters.


To insert a bobbin in an antique Singer sewing machine, start by removing the cap from it, then insert it into the hole on the left side of the machine. Make sure that the arrow on the bobbin is pointing toward the ceiling, then turn the crank to start putting it in place. When you’re done, replace the cap and you’re ready to start sewing!

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