How To Put A Bobbin In A Sewing Machine? (Must try it)

When you order a new sewing machine, the major parts are mostly assembled and ready to use. However, some sewing machines you may be unable to configure and some parts must be installed. For instance, you have to install or replace the bobbin for your sewing machine. To find out more, read the corresponding guidance in this article.

Setting up the bobbin of a sewing machine is a mandatory step in preparing the machine. In other words, it is a relatively simple step that can be done quickly but requires a level of skill. It should also be noted that its installation takes some time and should be carried out patiently.

What’s The Setup Of The Sewing Machine?

If you are just starting out in the world of sewing, to make the learning process a little easier, you should first familiarize yourself with the machine’s key points. Using this tip may appear strange, but in fact, it is an essential first step. You must begin by reading through the machine’s operator’s guide from beginning to end. Make sure to thoroughly examine the user manual and compare the machine with it. This will enable you to fully grasp the fundamental elements that comprise a sewing machine.

Out of the various components we have:

  1. The crowbar
  2. The needle
  3. To the coils
  4. The can
  5. The reverse button
  6. The feed dogs
  7. The wheel
  8. The pedal
  9.  Adjusting the thread tension 

How Do We Fill The Bobbin?

To expend your efforts in working out the settings of your sewing machine, the next stage would be to fill the bobbin. It is the spool and bobbin that belongs to your sewing machine. An outright procedure to make this will be to turn the machine on, fill the bobbin with the thread, then switch off the machine.

In reality, related to the bobbin thread is the upper thread that can be viewed while you’re sewing. The function of the bobbin thread is to supply the needle with the thread that is set back when you create the thread between the two. Once at this stage, you have to use the corresponding thread that’s between the rear of the spool and the bobbin to have the same color and the same kind of thread.

How To Install The Bobbin?

you should keep in mind that how to set the bobbin depends on the type of sewing machine you have. It is possible to set the bobbin either horizontally or vertically using your sewing machine’s bobbin holder. If you want to install your sewing machine, you need to use the bobbin holder that’s located below the accessory foot. 

A sewing machine requires that it occupy a horizontal footprint, start by inserting the bobbin and establishing that the needle and the machine presser foot are raised. It is essential, however, to recognize that the presser foot is pulled back so the sewing machine may not harm us when it is switched off. It is necessary to remove the machine and the location where it will be installed. You’ll need to move the needle of the thread and after that wind, it using the bobbin counterclockwise.

For the vertical bobbin installation, you will have to get rid of the caddy that is removable and open to be able to access the bobbin holder. You will have to remove the case that is made of metal and remove it using the tab. You’ll want to set the curve on the bobbin in a position where the table can be pulled out in case it needs to be adjusted and left unwound by using the same horizontal installation.

How To Thread The Upper Thread? 

In order to have kids or young adults take up an embroidery needle and thread, begin by lifting the pedaled foot so that you can raise the bobbin tension. Once activated, then raise the tension lever and place a spool on the spool holder before threading the thread through the thread guide. 

Then, you’ll need to remove the thread from the small eyelet at the top. When you get to the bottom, you have to turn the rope while you pass the knotted thread to the left.


Why Does The Needle Not Pick Up The Bobbin Thread?

Here’s the reason: In some regions, the bobbin thread can’t be tied to the needle thread. Examine the threading of your sewing machine: The upper thread might have one or more threading deficiencies in its weave. Completely remove the upper thread and then begin threading it again.

How To Put The Bobbin Thread?

Place the end of your thread in the bobbin such that your spool winds clockwise. Remove the wire through the opening and line up the pin with the second notch.

How To Put A Bobbin In A Sewing Machine?

You have only to open the route before clearing the box by setting it up. To do this, raise the needle (or turn the hand wheel toward you) and press the machine foot latch (due to the lever). Next, the way to set up a bobbin in your sewing machine is to identify your machine model and proceed accordingly.

How To Turn The Sewing Machine?

When you have inserted your bobbin and thread, if your sewing machine includes a bobbin filler button, simply click the button, or if it is operated with the foot pedal, press the pedal. The machine will then pick up the thread from the spool and line it up with the bobbin.



In conclusion, if you are having trouble putting a bobbin in your sewing machine, it may be helpful to try following these tips: 

  •  Make sure the machine is running properly before trying to put the bobbins in.
  • Put the bobbin on the spindle correctly.
  • Try different types of fabrics and stitches to see what works best for you. 
  • Use a light touch when putting the bobbins in.

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