How to Oil a Brother Cs6000i Sewing Machine

In the operating instructions for BROTHER cs6000i  sewing and embroidery machines, you are advised not to oil the machine yourself. Of course, you can bring your machine to our workshop, but with a little care, you can spend more time with your sewing machine.

You don’t have to worry about voiding the warranty with an occasional drop of oil.

But before oiling is ALWAYS thorough cleaning. Otherwise, the oil will bond with the lint and create more problems instead of helping.


cleaning and oiling

Always clean and oil your sewing machine BEFORE sewing. The movement distributes the oil. If you oiled the machine and then put it away, it would just run down. Gather a small bowl for the small parts, some cotton swabs, and a paper towel (to soak up any misplaced oil).

Remove the thread and raise the needle to the highest position (up/down button or handwheel), turn off the machine, and unplug the power cord.

Remove sewing foot

Take out the needle and unscrew the presser foot holder. Then remove the screws that attach the needle plate. If your needle plate is not screwed, pull the trigger and then remove the needle plate.

Bobbin case Brother

Remove the bobbin and bobbin case.


Dirty gripper area

Now you can take a look inside. This brother’s cs6000i sewing machine was used daily for two weeks.

Brush out the bobbin case

Use the brush to gently remove the lint. You can also use a vacuum cleaner with a PC cleaning attachment. Please do not use compressed air spray on machines that are closed at the rear. They would only blow the dust further into the case.

Thread Cutter Brother

This is where the automatic thread cutter is located (if your model has one). Small bits of thread tend to hang there, you can remove them with tweezers.

You can also use the small brush to pick up lint that is outside the gripper. Drive around the area around the grapple, everything you pull out can’t get stuck anywhere.

 sewing machine oil

After a
thorough cleaning, oiling begins. Use only good quality sewing machine oil

Oil Brother hooks

The drop is placed at this point so that it runs to where it is needed when the handwheel is turned.

Oil Brother sewing machine

If a drop falls next to it, absorb the oil with the cotton swab. Now turn the handwheel a few times.

So, that’s it for the gripper area, but there’s one more spot for a smooth stride.

Oiling the needle bar

Oil Brother needle bar

Turn the handwheel until the needle bar is in the lowest position.

Lint also tends to collect there, which you can also remove.

To oil the needle bar, tilt your sewing machine backward.

Oil Brother needle bar

In this way, you can deposit a drop of oil at the top of the needle bar and distribute it by turning the handwheel. Then set up your machine again. If you don’t have a spot oiler or have trouble dosing, soak a cotton swab in the oil and lubricate the needle bar with it instead.

Attach the presser foot and needle, reconnect the cord and turn on the sewing machine. Thread. If the integrated needle threader does not work, the needle is usually not in the highest position. Press the needle up/down button and threading will work again. Then sew some straight stitch and zigzag stitches to distribute the oil.

Your BROTHER sewing machine is now ready for use again.

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