How To Insert A Bobbin Into A Sewing Machine? (Very helpful)

An essential part of nearly every sewing machine is the bobbin. High-quality sewing cannot be obtained if the bobbin thread is too tight or not tight enough. To avoid this, you should adhere to straightforward recommendations for threading the bobbin, inserting it, and setting it up. Below is a discussion on how you can easily insert a bobbin into a sewing machine.

Different Styles And Features

A bobbin is a small spool, with thread wound around it, after which it is used when the sewing machine is running. It is inserted into a special tiny cap, which is then placed into a technical or sagittal carriage at the base of a sewing device. 

Bobbins are distinguished based on the diameter, availability of material, and gender-

  • Plastic. 
  • Metal.

To select and purchase the exact same kind of accessories, it’s critical to make sure they’re from the same producer as the sewing machine. Even an alteration in the length or width can alter the quality of your work and the degree of precision of your sewing machine. 

Metal products are added to machines using vertical shuttles. Older elements such as Podolsk and Singer are installed into these machines.

The plastic accessories are designed to make “the-looking-alike” horizontal home sewing machines. They are equipped with many different styles: Brother, Singer, Janome. They have a plastic pin box and get rid of the stitched impression of the thread because of the translucent needle. 

The cap in models with a horizontal structure is fixed, in vertical models, it can be removed from the shuttle. Both cases require the thread to be unthreaded through the loop tensioner’s mechanism.

How To Insert A Bobbin Into A Sewing Machine

Before the installation process begins, confirm that the dimensions of the coil and cap are suitable for each other. It should be positioned and turned freely within the cap, its width shall not be greater than that of its outside. It should not be scraped, chipped, cracked, or have notches. Structural defects of this kind may decrease stitching quality.

It’s also necessary to unwind the thread onto the bobbin. If you don’t know how to engage in this activity, use the recommended guidelines below:

  1. The reel is mounted on a hinge on the device’s top. 
  2. A preliminary length is unfurled by hand and wound on the bobbin with a threader. Plastic products typically have holes through which thread is wound and then housed in a machine; there, it’s wound onto a bobbin by hand. 
  3. A minute coil is installed on the winder, being kept. 
  4. When you press on the pedal of the unit, the winding begins. 
  5. the process will automatically terminate, or you are responsible for manually stopping the unit after the take-up is full.

Before you start the installation, you must first determine the type of moving mechanism. If it is horizontal, then you should follow these steps:

  1. Depending on the model of your machine, the cover may be removed in different ways. To learn how to remove it, go to the instructions on the device. 
  2. You will also need a bobbin, unwound with approximately 15 cm of thread. It is necessary to pass it through the needle, thread, or double-thread and the upper thread.
  3. Insert the coil into the shuttle; 
  4. replace the cover; 
  5. raise the lower thread to the surface.

Threading the sewing machine with a vertical shuttle:

  1. Remove the cover; 
  2. unwind 15 cm from the loaded bobbin and place it onto the cap; 
  3. pull the end of the thread through the tension regulator (the direction of its spring must match that of the bushing); 
  4. we insert the cap into the shuttle, and it is convenient to pull it by a special latch. After positioning the cap, you should hear a clicking noise when pushing it; 
  5. ensure that the correct installation was received; 
  6. replace the cover;
  7.  bring some thread to the top through the needle.


In conclusion, if you are having trouble inserting a bobbin into your sewing machine, it is best to consult your machine’s manual. Additionally, make sure to use a straightedge and the correct size thread when trying to insert the bobbin.

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