How to Find a Lost Sewing Needle?

Using a magnet and more: TOP 7 life hacks to find a needle

If you have lost a needle in a room, it is difficult to find it, but it is possible. A sharp needle carries a real danger: if you accidentally step on it, a piercing wound will be the result. Because of this, finding the needle as soon as you notice its absence is essential. Read on for practical tips on how to find this small and dangerous item before it hits your heel.

  • Life hack 1. Magnet

The first thing that occurs to me when searching for a small metal object is this. Drive them slowly where the reported loss occurred. Remember that the magnet needs to be powerful enough to force the needle out of a shaggy carpet or a floor crack.

  • Life hack 2. Vacuum cleaner

There is a possibility that the vacuum cleaner will take the needle out of the carpet if you simply move it around the room, but you are unlikely to notice it. Pull a stocking over the vacuum cleaner’s hose to enhance the likelihood that the object will remain on the stocking rather than being sucked in.

  • Life hack 3. Shaking

The most dangerous place is the bed, if you step on a needle, and if you do not know where it is. Therefore, the sofa or bed needs to be shaken.

The most dangerous place is where you do not expect: under the pillow. To make sure that the needle is definitely not there, carefully shake everything that is on the sofa or bed. And

  • Life hack 4. Lighting

Hold a flashlight close to the searched object. Its glare may interfere with the view of the needle. In this case, shine the flashlight at a different angle – from above or below.

The brighter the light and the more it will be directed to the appropriate angle – screws, bolts, nails and other metal parts of the scene – the closer you will get.

  • Life hack 5. Search zones

Your needle will not be in the last place which you looked. You must try to find it in all the places where you have already been, and where it would be possible to hide.

It is possible that you dropped your needle on the fold of your dress and it fell out in the next room or corridor. Look where you just were.

  • Life hack 6. Helper

It is possible that you look at the needle and do not see it point-blank – it happens. Call for help from someone in the household. Searching together is more fun, and his eye may turn out to be keener.

  • Life hack 7. Magic

If none of the above helped you, there is a proven folk method on how to find a lost thing. Repeat the plot: “Damn, devil, play and give it back!” Helps a lot.

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