How to Dispose of Broken Sewing Needles

How to get rid of a broken sewing needle, or any other kind of needle or pin. I shall now tell and even demonstrate.

My acquaintances have told me numerous times that such tools should simply be wrapped in some paper and discarded.

However, this is not totally accurate and secure. It’s possible for the needle to penetrate the paper and escape the container. Use a sheet that is two to three times as long as the tool to start.

Second, fold the bundle so that the metal is in the very middle.

Now more about all this.

I grab a regular kitchen napkin and fold it four times. I thread an accordion with a blunt or broken needle (or its pieces) so that both tips are on the same side.

I then start folding the napkin, leaving at least one centimeter between the tool and the fold. To demonstrate, I took in-depth pictures of the entire procedure. View the carousel by scrolling.
Finally, I flip the package inside out and fold it in half once more (last 2 photos).

It turns out that the needle, or at least a portion of it, is firmly set in the center, 1 cm from the bundle’s boundaries on all sides. The scroll can also be wrapped in a clear plastic bag for reliability before being disposed of. As a result, you not only defend your family and friends but also the animals who frequently search landfills for food.

Good luck in creativity!

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