How Does a Portable Sewing Machine Work ( with Stunning Images)

How Does a Portable Sewing Machine Work

I have always been interested in the operation of sewing machines. I always wanted to give it a try and make something. Therefore, I keep looking for opportunities to try the functions of my mother’s portable sewing machine. Hence, I have always been interested in the operation of sewing machines. 

In a few minutes, I checked the available functions: it turned out that there are very few of them.

The first thing that came to mind was to make my own garment from scratch, but then I realized that it is almost impossible with this model. It turned out that only two basic stitches are available: straight and zig-zag stitch. After that, for some time I was trying to sew a simple shirt on my mother’s machine – it turned out that its narrow foot prevents me from making darts and gathering the fabric in places needed for such an action.

I was left disappointed until one day when I saw a portable sewing machine at a TV store. Everything seemed to be just perfect – a tiny stapler replaces my mother’s cast-iron Singer. At that time we did not buy it – there was not always enough money for pasta. And here I am holding a pumped version in my hands – with a battery-powered electric motor.

I just don’t have batteries. To get started, you need to slightly open the mouth of the machine, raise the presser foot and insert the fabric. If the machine is frozen with its mouth closed, then you do not need to depict the statue of“Samson tearing apart the mouth of a lion”, you just need to turn the limb a few turns, and the mouth will open. 

What is inside her, we will see later, but for now, let’s look outside:

The portable sewing machine is equipped with a switch that is pressed in order to activate it. It comes in various sizes, shapes, and colors. The designs are often created based on the models of conventional machines. The portable variety is designed to be compact and easily fit into a suitcase or carry-on bag.

The machine can also be powered from an external current source, in which case a voltage of 6 volts and a current of up to 600 mA are required. 

The lifting foot has a thread tension adjustment ring. 

A portable sewing machine is like a large car’s gearshift. If the thread is too tight, it may tear the fabric. The gears turn back and forth inside the sewing machine. When the gears turn, the fabric machine moves forward.

 We disassemble A modest motor, and a plastic gearbox, but the mechanical part is almost completely metal. We disassemble the gearbox: Two pairs of gears and a crank. Some silicon grease.

The power connector is not tubular, 5.5 / 2.1, as is mainly used now, but audio, mono, and 3.5 mm. 

 It has a cord that has a special button on it. If you plug the cord into the wall and push this button, the batteries are turned off so they won’t run down while you’re sewing.

But the mechanics: I measured the current consumed: This means that four AA batteries will be enough for (let their capacity by 2 Ah) enough four 4 hours of operation – they are connected in series. 

Sewing with a portable sewing machine should be done for 10 seconds, then for 5 seconds, we rest.

In reality, this is the most convenient sewing machine. The operator must not constantly interrupt the job to take a thread, order the fabric and re-sew. This is convenient because you don’t need to make a lot of effort to keep the thread from tangling and keep the fabric straight while sewing.

This portable sewing machine works for 4 hours without electricity. It can also work for about 6 hours with regular electricity.

There is a sewing machine that works on batteries. It doesn’t need a lot of electricity to work.

The machine cheerfully runs on 4 batteries (4×1.2 = 4.8V), it can also work from a regular USB. Just replace the socket.

In total, what I didn’t like:

— It is noisy, and it is difficult to sew at night without disturbing other people.

– plastic gearbox, However, the loads there should not be large, judging by the motor power of 3 watts.

– All sewing machines can do many things, but this machine is used mainly for hemming edges.

– An audio jack is used as a power connector.

What I liked:

– it really works and does not skip stitches.

-This is a portable sewing machine. It is small enough to fit in your car, suitcase or backpack. You can sew with it anywhere, anytime!

– the possibility of a dual power supply, so it is not necessary to store batteries.

– It takes less than 5 minutes to put the sewing machine together.It is easy to take the sewing machine apart and put it back together again.

— rich equipment.

“It is a simple trajectory of the thread. You can reload with a different color very quickly, and the needle threading hook completely removes this problem.”


The portable sewing machine is cordless, so it can work anywhere. The main difference between the portable sewing machine and the full-size one has classic electrical power.

Portable models have a battery that allows you to sew while walking in the field, or travel through time. 

Like with everything, there are advantages and disadvantages to portable models compared to larger models.

The biggest advantage of such tools is portability – there is no need to spend extra money on extension cords, or install an additional electrical outlet near the place where you want to sew.

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