Decoration: 12 Ideas for Setting Up Your Sewing Workshop in a Small Space 

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This Sunday, I’m offering you yet another article in the category of Advice on decoration this time around. In fact, every seamstress would wish to own the space to run their own workshops… However, we may not always have enough space! In my case, I’ve recently relocated in the Paris region, and I don’t have the space for my small workshop. Therefore, I searched for inspiration via Pinterest (my book haha) and also on the Internet generally. I thought that you may be interested and so, here are my top 12 suggestions and ideas to create a sewing class!

1.) Place Your Fabric Away in Place of Your Folders

The first step is to utilize the document holders to store your fabric! After folding and ironing the fabric coupon, this helps save space and keeps your items well-organized!

2.) Utilize Hangers for Storing Your Clothes

Another suggestion for storage of your clothing is to hang your pants on hangers that aren’t slipping!

3.) Make Use of a Sewing Mat

It can be a great way to save space, and, in addition, you can take it with you everywhere! If I create one, I’ll create an instructional video

4.) Get a Folding Desk

If you aren’t able to find space for a desk or big table, the folding desk is the answer. They are available on Ikea, Alinea, La Redoute, Amazon… At all costs!

5.) Make Use of an Open-Top Board for Storing Your Tools, and Always Be Able to Access It

These tables are used to store tools but why not use it to divert them and put your sewing items there? Additionally, the costs are quite affordable (on average, 15 euros)

6) Install a Credenza to Store Your Equipment

7.) Install a Magnetic Board for Storing Your Equipment

In Ikea or other stores, you can find transparent boxes that are attached to a board which is where the spices are kept. Much like the hole board, it can also be used to store sewing tools!

Another option is to paint the frame with magnetic paint and stick magnets on the boxes! 100% DIY

8.) Keep Your Equipment Stored in Boxes or Jars (Transparent When Feasible)

This is the easiest technique to implement and is also the most cost-effective I would say. You can purchase labels to display items from the box (needles ribbons, pins, buttons, etc.) …) or create them yourself, and add masking tape to embellish The possibilities are infinite! You can also recycle jam jars as an example.

Extra tip: If your shelf is available put the cap on the shelf.

9) Hang Clipboards on the Wall to Clip Sketches, Drawings, and Other Inspiration

The renderings of this concept are amazing, all you need to do is apply colored paper and the effect is amazing!

10) Keep Your Spools Organized by Color on the Shoe Rack

Another storage option is the shoe rack is everywhere. Instead of placing your pumps on it, you could arrange your reels in accordance with the shades of color! This is a great idea to avoid having to wait 100 years to discover an appropriate shade

11) Another Method for Storing Your Coils Is to Put Nails on a Board, Then Put Them on the Board

12) Make Use of Tic Tac Boxes to Organize Your Ribbons!

Another amusing idea is to keep your ribbons in Tic Tac boxes and thus keep a dispenser on your fingertips!

I hope that I’ve provided you with ideas for setting up your sewing area.

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