Best Sewing Machine for Making Drapes( CS6000i is Editor Choice)

Best Sewing Machine for Making Drapes

Sewing drapes is a delicate process and requires a machine that can help you through the process.

Sewing curtains can be a difficult task and one that many people shy away from. With all the measuring, choosing the type of curtain, and making the curtains, can be a daunting task. Couple this with the fact that you need to choose the right sewing machine for the job and the difficulty level shoots way up. This blog takes a look at the different aspects of making and choosing curtains sewing machines and how a sewing machine can help.

This blog on the best sewing machine for making drapes and curtains will help you to understand the details of the machines, and how you will be able to pick the right one. You will also see the details of some suitable machines.

Best: Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine, CS6000i

➤60 Built-in Stitches
➤7auto-size buttonholes
➤25-year warranty
➤10 sewing feet
➤Automatic needle
➤ speed: 850 spm
➤Weight: 13 pounds

SINGER | 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

➤23 Built-in Stitches
➤1-Step buttonhole
➤25 Year Warranty
➤4 Presser Feet
➤Automatic needle
➤ speed: 1100 spm
➤Weight: 14.5 Pounds

Brother CS7000X Sewing and Quilting Machine

➤70 built-in stitches
➤7 step auto buttonhole
➤25 Year Warranty
➤10 Sewing Speed
➤Auto Needle Threader
➤ speed: 750 spm
➤Weight:14 pounds

BEST:Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine, CS6000i reviews

Built-In Stitches60
Stitches Per Minute850
Needle ThreadingAutomatic
Buttonhole Steps 4 step
DimensionsW 11.4” X H 16.1” X D 6.7”
Weight 13 lbs
BobbinTop Drop-In bobbin
Buttonhole Steps 7style, 1- step
LCD ScreenYes
Free AramYes
Sewing Feet 9
Foot Control PedalYes
Warranty25 years

People are attracted to the Brother CS6000i sewing machine because it is simple and popular. This model has been around for many years, and people have found it useful for a variety of reasons. Even though this product has a low cost, many people find it appealing because of its simplicity.


60 Built-In Stitches

The Brother CS6000i is a powerful machine that includes 60 built-in sewing stitches. It offers various functionalities, such as basic, stretch, quilt stitches, and more. This machine also has overcasting and blind hemming capabilities.

Quick-Set Top Drop-In Bobbin

The Brother CS6000i sewing machine comes with a jam-resistant top drop-in bobbin. It is easy to thread and even easier to see

Speed of stitches

CS6000i is the latest model of Brother’s sewing and quilting machine. It is capable of 850 stitches per minute.

In addition, three different speed settings are available: slow, medium, and fast.


This machine comes with a free arm. It is perfect for sewing sleeves, cuffs, and hems and great for beginners.

LCD Screen 

The Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine has an LCD screen that shows which stitch is currently selected.

Sewing Feet

The Brother 6000i sewing machine is a standard with 9 types of feet:

  1. Walking.
  2. Overcasting.
  3. Spring Action Quilting.
  4. Buttonhole.
  5. Zigzag.
  6. Monogramming.
  7. Button Fitting.
  8. Zipper.
  9. Blind Stitch.

Foot control pedal

A foot pedal on the Brother CS6000i allows you to control the sewing speed. It comes with a three-speed setting for when you want to take a break from using your feet.

Needle Threader

With this machine, you can quickly thread a needle and ensure the stitches are as perfect as possible. It helps you finish your projects quickly!

1-step auto-size buttonholes

There are 7 styles of buttonholes available in the Brother CS6000i. The advantage of this is that it makes sewing so much easier.


There is a 25-year warranty for the machine. One year of parts, labor, and accessories is included. In general, electronic components and printed circuit boards come with a warranty that lasts for two years.


  • 850 stitches come in every minute,
  • very user-friendly
  • easy to thread and use
  • It has 60 built-in stitches
  • 7 automatic buttonholes and decorative stitching
  • feeds smoothly
  • 9 different pressure feet


  • Plastic framed machine
  • no right needle position
  • small neck space
  • may show flaws

Why Best

There are many different types of machines that can be used to sew curtains, but the Brother CS6000i is a great option because it has a lot of features that make it an efficient machine.
Some of the features that make the Brother CS6000i a great choice for sewing curtains include:
• The easy-to-use touch screen makes it easy to navigate and control the machine.
• The built-in darning foot allows you to add darning stitches to your curtains without having to purchase additional equipment.
• The automatic thread cutter will ensure that your fabric is cut evenly every time you sew.
• The large capacity needle means that you won’t have to keep changing needles as often, which can save you time and money.

Why Need

I was looking for a sewing machine that could make drapes. I found the Brother CS6000i sewing machine and it is perfect for this. It has a lot of features that make it easy to sew, like the automatic needle threader and the one-step buttonhole. The Brother CS6000i sewing machine is also affordable, which is essential for someone on a budget.

SINGER | 4423 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Built-In Stitches23
Stitches Per Minute1100
Needle ThreadingAutomatic
Dimensions15.5” X 6.25” X 12”
Weight 14.6 lbs
BobbinTop Drop-In bobbin
Buttonhole Steps 1- step
Free AramYes
presser Feet 4
Warranty25 years

A Singer 4423 is a heavy-duty, beginner-friendly sewing machine. It’s easy to use and leaves you with a good foundation that will improve your sewing skills as a beginner.

60 Built-In Stitches

The Singer 4423 features 23 different built-in stitches that make sewing easy. Sewing a variety of projects like fashions, home décor, quilts, and more is now easier than ever

Needle Threader

This machine has an automatic needle threader. This can make it easier for you to thread the eye of the needle without eye strain or frustration. It’s a great feature that helps speed up your project.

Speed of stitches

The Singer 4423 Sewing Machine can sew quickly with a maximum sewing speed of 1, 100 stitches per minute.

1-step auto-size buttonholes

The Singer 4423 Sewing Machine is equipped with one-step buttonholes that make sewing much easier and faster.


The Singer 4423 sewing machine can do free arm sewing for you. Hand sewing with free arm sewing is great for making haute couture clothes.

presser feet

The Singer 4423 presser feet will be perfect for very small-scale sewing. It does have four presser feet, (all-purpose foot, buttonhole foot, button sewing foot, and zipper foot)


The Top drop-in bobbin cover is clear so you can keep an eye on your thread level. This may seem simple, but it helps prevent any unplanned thread breaks.


This machine’s frame has been made of metal, providing long-lasting durability.


There are three types of warranties available.

  1. Sewing machine heads are covered for 25 years.
  2. Electric motors, wires, switches, and many other electronic components: two years.
  3. Adjustments, bulbs, and rings: three months.


  • Comes with 23 built-in stitches
  • easy to sew on buttons and buttonholes
  • It has an automatic needle threader and drop-in bobbin
  • Can sew multiple layers of fabric seamlessly
  • Lightweight and portable
  • It can be sewn smoothly
  • Extra high-pressure foot lifter for thicker fabrics
  • It has an extra high-pressure leg


  • A little noisy
  • No hard case is given
  • The feeding place is occasionally jammed

Why Best

There are many reasons why singer 4423 is the best machine for sewing drapes.
First of all, it has a wide range of features that make it perfect for this task. It has a needle up/down button that makes it easy to change the needle size and a thread cutter that allows you to cut the thread without having to remove the fabric from the machine.
Another great feature of this machine is its hemming capabilities. You can easily hem curtains using this machine by following the simple steps that are provided on the Singer website.
In addition, singer 4423 is very easy to use and requires little maintenance. Just be sure to keep it clean and lubricated so that it operates at its best.

Why Need

I love the SINGER | 4423 sewing machine for making drapes. It is easy to use and the drapes turn out beautifully. My favorite thing about it is that it can be plugged in so I don’t have to worry about batteries. It is also lightweight and portable so I can take it with me on my business trips.

Magicfly Mini Sewing Machine

Machine Type Mechanical
Built-In Stitches12
Stitches Per Minute1100
Dimensions12 x 11 x 9.5 inches
Weight 1 kilogram
Extension TableYes
Speed Control ButtonYes
Type of Needle3

Magicfly mini sewing machine is lightweight, portable, and durable, which fits easily in your handbag or luggage. It can satisfy your basic and daily sewing needs anytime and anywhere.

12 Built-In Stitches

The Magicfly sewing machine has 12 built-in stitches that make sewing easy, including straight stitches, zigzag stitches, buttonholes, and more.

Types of Needle

The Magicfly sewing machine comes with three types of thread: 

  • size 80/11 for light fabrics; 
  • size 90/14 for medium-weight materials with a maximum thickness of 2 mm;
  • size 100/16 for heavy materials

Speed Control Button

The Magicfly sewing machine comes with a speed control button. You can choose Low or High Speed to match your sewing skills.

Extension Table

The extension table for sewing machines expands the surface of your working space and makes the device more stable for larger projects.


Additionally, this machine is equipped with a built-in light that can provide enough light sources to light up your working area.

Suitable for beginner

It has a direction threading guide to help you thread it easily. And, as it is designed with a mini size and one stitching type, you can efficiently complete basic projects at home.

Great Gift

The mini sewing machine is suited for both beginners and children and is an excellent gift for Christmas, birthdays, etc.


  • 12 effective built-in stitches
  • It is compact and lightweight and gives more user options
  • Its extension table makes the machine more stable.
  • It is very helpful and useful for a beginner
  • There is an LED lamp to illuminate the work Includes AC / DC power supply or battery (not included) power supply
  • Easy to operate as there are manual features printed on the machine


  • Wool and silk fabrics are not easy to use in this machine
  • Its little light is not helpful
  • The motor is a little louder

Why Best

There are many reasons why Magicfly Mini Sewing Machine is the best machine for sewing drapes. First of all, it has a wide range of stitches that can be used to sew curtains. This includes zigzag, straight stitch, and French seam stitches.

Secondly, the machine has a built-in needle threader which makes it easy to attach the curtain fabric to the sewing machine needle.

Thirdly, the Magicfly Mini Sewing Machine has a large number of built-in features that make it easy to sew drapes. These include automatic bias binding and hemming functions.

Fourthly, the machine has a high-speed setting that makes it possible to sew large drapes quickly and easily.

Why Need

The Magicfly Mini sewing machine is a great machine for making drapes. It is a simple and easy-to-use sewing machine that can be used for a variety of projects.

I love that it is compact and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around with me. I also like the different stitch patterns that come with the sewing machine.

The Magicfly Mini sewing machine can be used for many different projects and is a great sewing tool to have in your home.

SINGER | Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing Machine

Built-In Stitches32
Stitches Per Minute1100
Needle ThreadingAutomatic
Buttonhole Steps 1 step
Weight 14.6 lbs
BobbinTop Drop-In bobbin
LCD ScreenYes
Free AramYes
Drop FeedYes
Reverse StitchYes
Extra-High Presser Foot LiftYes
Warranty25 years

The 4452 Singer Heavy Duty is a mechanical sewing machine that is quickly and easily set up and used. It is an excellent fit for both the beginner and the more advanced sewer. It is also accessible to thread, and it sews through thick materials such as denim, leather, and canvas.

32 Built-In Stitches

The 4452 has 32 built-in stitches. It has six basic stitches, 7 for stretch material, 18 decorative stitches, and one buttonhole stitch, which is enough variety to handle most projects and materials.

Stitch Speed

The SINGER 4452 sewing machine can sew 1,100 stitches per minute at its maximum speed. This is much faster than many expensive sewing machines.

Strong Motor

The 4452 has a more powerful motor than other sewing machines. It’s 60% stronger than regular sewing machine motors, enabling it to sew through thick materials that would damage a standard machine. 

Heavy-Duty Metal Frame

This Singer 4452 heavy-duty sewing machine comes with a heavy-duty metal frame. This has ensured that it can handle a heavy workload with ease.

One-Step Buttonholes

The 4452 has a built-in one-step buttonhole function. This makes it easy to make a buttonhole in any size you need, with the convenient adjustable buttonhole foot that comes with the machine.

Automatic Needle Threader

Another helpful feature of the 4452 is its automatic needle threader. The needle threader can quickly push the thread through the needle, reducing eye strain.

Free Arm

The 4452 has a free-arm feature. The removable free arm provides easy access to cuffs and other circular or small projects.

Drop Feed

Another great feature of the 4452 is the drop feed, which lets you lower and disengages the feed dogs for free-motion quilting.


This machine has a drop-in bobbin, which is more accessible than a front-loading bobbin. A clear plastic cover helps you monitor the fill line.

Extra-High Presser Foot Lift

The 4452 comes with an extra-high presser foot lift that enables you to control how high or low the presser foot position is for each fabric weight and thickness.

Reverse Stitch Lever

The 4452 comes equipped with a reverse stitch lever, which enables you to use any stitch to change the shape and contours of your fabrics. 


A limited 25-year warranty/2-year/90-day warranty is offered on the Heavy Duty 4452.

  • covers belts, attachments, bulbs, rings, and adjustments –90 days 
  • covers electronic components, speed control, motors, light assembly, switches, and wiring –2 years
  • covers the head of the sewing machine –24 years


  • Silky and upholstery materials are easy to insert
  • the workspace is large
  • the thick fabric can handle easily
  • high-speed work, a wide variety of stitches
  • it is very light and helpful
  • The maximum sewing speed is very fast
  • The automatic needle threader works easily
  • Good for new and improved sewers


  • It has only 32 suitable stitches
  • Foot paddles are difficult to use
  • Not as “heavy-duty” as expected
  • Lots of plastic has been used in the machine

Why Best

There are many reasons why the singer heavy-duty 4452 is the best machine for sewing drapes. First of all, this machine has a wide range of sewing speeds that makes it perfect for different types of fabrics. You can sew at a slow speed if you are using delicate fabrics, or you can speed up the machine to sew faster if you are using tougher fabrics.

Another great feature of this machine is its heavy-duty construction. This means that it can handle even the most stubborn curtain fabric without any problems. Plus, the Singer 4452 features an automatic needle threader and tension regulator, which make it easy to sew accurate curtains without having to worry about mistakes.

Why Need

The SINGER 4452 sewing machine is a very useful and reliable tool that I find myself using often. I am able to use it to create beautiful drapes that really enhance the look of my home. It has a variety of stitches and functions that make it easy for me to complete any project. The one thing that I do not like about the machine is the noise, but this is a small price to pay for such an amazing product.

SINGER | 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Review

Machine Type Mechanical
Built-In Stitches11
Stitches Per Minute1100
Dimensions15.5 x 6.2 x 12 inches
Weight 14.5 pounds
BobbinTop Drop- In  bobbin
Buttonhole Steps 4- step
Free AramYes
presser Feet 4
Warranty25 years

SINGER Heavy-Duty 4411 is an ideal sewing machine for home sewers who demand a lot from their machine. It can handle better seams than most other sewing machines, so it’s ideal for those who work with heavier fabrics.


11 Built-In Stitches

It has eleven built-in stitches: six basic stitches and four decorative stitches. You can use these stitches for crafting, crafting for home decor, and fashion sewing, as well.

Four Presser Feet

Additionally, this sewing machine comes with four presser feet for different types of sewing. These include:

  • zipper foot.
  • All-purpose foot.
  • Button foot.
  • Buttonhole foot.

Four-Step Buttonhole Maker

The Singer 4411 heavy-duty sewing machine provides reliable and powerful performance. Featuring a four-action buttonhole stitch that allows a user to stitch in intricate details with as few or as many stitches as required.

The Drop-In Bobbin

Singer 4411 sewing machines feature top drop-in bobbins, which have enhanced ease of use and thread management.

Speed of stitches

The needle can produce between 650 and 700 stitches per minute on a commercial sewing machine.

But with the 4411 machines, you can produce quality original work at an impressive 1,100 stitches per minute!

Droppable Feed Dogs

A helpful new addition to the SINGER 4411 machine. Users can perform their tasks more quickly and efficiently with the drop feed.

Heavy Duty Metal Frame

Singer 4411 sewing machine is made of strong metal, making it a long-lasting sewing machine that provides long-lasting durability.


The 4411 comes with a three-part warranty:

  • The warranty period is 25 years.
  • There is a 2-year warranty on the motor.
  • There is a 2-month limited warranty on the lamps, belts, and attachments.


  • The needle is easy to change
  • It has 11 important built-in stitches
  • It is very strong and durable
  • The heavy-duty metal frame creates stability
  • It can be easily carried, light and heavy fabrics can be easily sewn by adjusting the foot pressure
  • easy to handle
  • The pedal is understandable and works very well
  • It has a 25-year warranty


  • a limited sewing pattern
  • Manual not easy for beginners
  • Short lasting, Little noise

Why Best

There are many reasons why singer 4411 is the best machine for sewing drapes.
Some of the benefits of using this machine include:
• It has a large variety of features that make it ideal for drapes sewing.
• The machine is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.
• It has a wide range of fabrics that you can sew with it, including lightweight fabrics and delicate fabrics.
• The machine is durable and can handle heavy fabric loads.

Why Need

I love my SINGER 4411 sewing machine. It has served me well for many years. I use it to make drapes and other home décor items. It is very easy to use and I am able to get the desired look that I want with ease.

Brother Sewing Machine, GX37

Machine Type Mechanical
Stitches Per Minute850
Needle ThreadingAutomatic
Free ArmYes
Dimensions12.48” x 16.26” x 7.01”
Weight 10.14 lbs
BobbinTop Drop-In
Buttonhole Steps one step
LED LightingYes
Warranty25 Years

The Look

TheBrother GX37 Lightweight Sewing Machine is a simple machine that has some basic features. The exterior is mostly white, with blue accents in the form of a stitch chart on the front.

37 Stitches

The Brother GX37 Lightweight Sewing Machine is a great sewing machine that can handle most everyday tasks. It has 37 different stitches, which is more than enough for most projects.

LED Light

This sewing machine comes with an LED light over the sewing area. The LED lighting makes it easier to see details in dark fabrics. This is especially helpful when trying to sew on darker fabrics.

Automatic Needle Threader

This Brother sewing machine comes with an automatic needle threader, which makes it very easy to thread the needle on the machine.

Top Drop-In Bobbin

The Brother GX37 also comes with a drop-in top bobbin, which makes it convenient and jam-resistant. It can handle your fabrics more securely.

One-Step Buttonhole

The Brother GX37 has a single one-step buttonhole. This is better than the four-step buttonhole that comes with many mechanical sewing machines.

Free Arm

The Brother GX37 has a free arm, which makes it perfect for all sorts of sewing projects. It is great for making garments and housewares, among other things.

Adjustable Thread Tension             

The Thread Adjuster is a convenient and easy way to adjust your upper thread tension, helping ensure your stitches are smooth.


The Brother GX37 Lightweight Sewing Machine has a limited 25-year warranty. 

Why Best

There are many reasons why Brother GX37 is the best machine for sewing drapes. Some of the benefits include:
• It has a large number of built-in features that make it easy to sew drapes.
• The machine has a wide range of speeds that allow you to sew different types of fabrics at different speeds.
• The machine has a large number of attachments that can be used to Sew drapes, as well as other types of fabric.
• The machine is easy to use and has an intuitive control panel.

Why Need

I love Brother GX37 sewing machine for making drapes. It is an easy machine to use and I can make perfect curtains in no time. The stitch length and width can be adjusted easily. I also like the free arm which is helpful when sewing cuffs, sleeves, and pant legs. The automatic needle threader helps me thread the needle easily without any hassle. I am happy with this sewing machine and recommend it to anyone who wants to sew perfect curtains.

Brother CS7000X Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine

Built-In Stitches70
Stitches Per Minute750
Needle ThreadingAutomatic
Buttonhole Steps 7 Auto Size
Weight 14 lbs
BobbinTop Drop- In  bobbin
LCD ScreenYes
Free AramYes

Brother offers several sewing machines that would be good for beginners. The Brother CS7000X would be a great one to start with. It has many features that are perfect for everyone.

70 Built-In Stitches

This Brother sewing machine has 70 built-in stitch patterns, including decorative stitches. It will help you create fun and unique designs for your sewing projects.

  • Basic.
  • Decorative.
  • Heirloom.
  • Quilting.
  • Buttonholes.

7 Auto-Size Buttonhole

You can choose to make a different kind of buttonhole with this machine, which comes with seven different buttons to use.

LCD Display

Its LCD screen allows you to select stitches and buttonholes quickly so that you can keep up with your creativity.

Easy Threading System

The Brother CS7000X sewing machine has an easy threading system and makes it easy to sew.


This sewing machine has a sturdy metal construction, efficiently handling projects from thick denim to heavy quilts.


Brother’s computerized sewing machine, the CS7000X, includes a large table for sewing large projects as well as a smaller free arm to hem cuffs, sleeves, and pants.

Top Drop-In Bobbin

There is a top drop-in the bobbin, so you just set it in super quickly. The bobbin cover is see-through, so you can always see what’s going on in there while you are sewing.

750 Stitches Per Minute

The sewing speed maxes out at 750 stitches per minute. So that’s a great beginner speed. 

Why Best

There are many reasons why Brother CS7000X Computerized is the best machine for sewing drapes.
First of all, it has a wide range of stitches that can be used to create various types of drapes. These include zigzag, French seam, and binding taped seams.
Secondly, the machine has a built-in bobbin winder that makes it easy to change the threading. This is especially useful if you need to replace the needle or bobbin frequently.
Thirdly, the machine has a built-in darning foot that allows you to do delicate darning jobs without having to remove the fabric from the sewing machine.
Fourthly, the machine has a large number of buttons that make it easy to select different stitch patterns and adjust the tension on your fabric.
Overall, Brother CS7000X Computerized is an excellent machine for sewing curtains and would be a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable and reliable option.

Why Need

I am so glad I bought the Brother CS7000X sewing machine for making drapes. It has so many great features that make sewing so much easier. It’s lightweight and easy to use, which is perfect for me. I also love that it has a built-in free arm, which makes sewing sleeves and pant legs so much easier than on my old machine. I can’t believe how much my sewing skills have improved since I bought it!

 A Few BuyingTips for Sewing Draperies

#1 Choose the right Fabric 

When you are planning to make a drape, choosing the right fabric for the sewing draperies is important. There are different fabrics available in the market. It is important to know the types of fabrics available in the market.

Choosing the Fabric for the curtains first is crucial because it will help determine which threads and needles to use, and instead of shopping online, always try to look or buy fabrics physically from the store.

#2 Get a rotary cutting tool. 

Although it is mostly intended for quilts, cutting curtains is very efficient.

#3 Your level: 

If you’re a newbie, make a slow approach. Start with the most basic design and then extend further by adding ornamentation. It does not differ how great a concept you possess if you lack the experience in its execution.

#4 Silk Thread 

For tall drapes (floor to ceiling), use standard-weighted silk thread for moving curtains or lace-bordered silk. 

#5 Synthetic thread

Use synthetic or thick cotton thread for raw or twisted cotton and hemp, particularly for window valances.

#6  Decorative strips

If you stitch decorative strips on your drapes, they will become more effective against harsh sunlight.

#7 Imagination in your mind

Unless you wish to wind up with an eclectic, jumbled mess of clashing colors and shapes, keep a vision in your head for the look of the entire space. Even the finest napkins in the world won’t look right on the table if they don’t match the rest of the decor. Instead of just searching for “curtains” online, search for patterns and colors online and look for a broad range of interior designs.

#8. Versatility

Draperies are a very versatile piece of home decor. They can be used to create privacy for your windows, give a room a more organized look, or even accent the ceiling.

#9. Stitch Speed

While you consider all of the features requested for the ensemble to the detailed stitching of the curtains, you will find that the list is incomplete without this feature: stitching speed.

You’re sewing heavy-duty layered curtains, and on a sewing machine with average power and speed, the task would take you a long time to complete. Sewing curtains and even hard fabrics, on the other hand, can be done in almost no time at all with a sewing machine that delivers a good speed.

Curtains can be constructed from various fabrics, and your sewing machine must be able to stitch each of them with exact seams. The speed and length of the stitch can affect the final result; thin fabrics are easier to sew at higher speeds and request shorter stitches. On the other hand, thicker fabrics request you to make a lower speed and bigger stitches.

It is crucial to purchase a sewing machine with an adjustable speed and a stitch length for these reasons. However, almost all models give the option of switching from lower to higher speed and from shorter to longer stitches, but you should still check before dropping your hard-earned money.

#10. Precision

Along with the factor discussed above, another factor adds to the curtains’ appeal: how well the curtain has come about after being sewn.

As a result, while selecting a sewing machine, note the precision required to create curtains that appear flawless.

#11. Stitch Range

Another major factor to consider while selecting a sewing machine to stitch the curtain is the stitch range.

#12 Automatic Tension Control

Other fabrics request different speeds and stitch lengths and different fabrics. It would be best if you also corrected the thread tension to prevent it from snapping mid-way through your sewing project. You could buy a sewing machine with automatic tension control or do this operation manually. This feature will not only make your life easier, but it will also be a pure life-saver for beginners.

#13 Free Arm and Extension Table

Curtains are typically tall and require an extension table to extract them easily. Ensure that you get a sewing machine added to the package with an extension table.

When dealing with massive amounts of Fabric, especially if the given Fabric is thick velvet or damask, it can be a nightmare. As a result, an extension table is crucial for keeping some of the workpiece’s weight and better maneuvering. The loose arm feature is usually employed to stitch round workpieces, but it can also sew curtains.

Although most sewing machines include a free arm, not all of them carry a removable extension table. You can always purchase one separately, but you can make money by buying a model that already comes with everything you need.

#14 Automatic Needle Threader and Thread Cutting

An automatic needle threader isn’t an essential feature, but it can be useful when handling very thin or extremely thick threads. It also gets in handy if you suffer from bad eyesight or shaking hands, and it is also handy for beginners.

Similarly, automatic thread cutting eliminates the need for scissors and allows for smoother cuts than you’d be able to.

#15 Built-In Stitches

You’ll only do one type of stitch for curtains most of the time. However, the addition of a sewing machine with built-in stitches increases versatility. You can go with more types of fabrics or customize your curtains with decorative stitches using a variety of stitch patterns.

You can also generate dangling holes without employing the buttonhole stitches built into most sewing machines.

Furthermore, some sewing machines have built-in alphanumeric stitches and even embroidery designs. These are fantastic to design unique curtain designs or stitching monograms on your window treatments.

#16 Durability and Maintenance

Finally, check the sewing machine you wish to buy’s build quality and durability. A metal inside frame, metal parts, and sturdy plastic finishing are just a few things to consider. Although these models are often more costly, they are hard to fracture or damage.

If you require a lightweight model, brands like SINGER or Brother carry a variety of compact and lightweight sewing machines with metal frames and parts.

As for maintenance, make sure the sewing machine you like comes with all of the accessories required for the operation and a complete user manual, or look if the manufacturer posts maintenance instructions videos online so that you can leave the guessing game out of your mind and keep your sewing machine as new for longer.


We hope you enjoyed this blog about the best sewing machine for making drapes. We know that sewing curtains can be a daunting task, so we hope that our guide can help you make DIY curtains with a sewing machine. And that sewing machine which we chose for you is Brother Sewing and Quilting Machine, CS6000i. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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